The Truth about Spiders in the UK

The UK has over 650 species of spider, and here at PawsForWildlife we think it's about time everyone learned about some of the more common ones. The media reports I have read breed arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and many are misinformed and inaccurate. In many reports the images are mis-labelled, portraying one species but describing another, unfortunately these reports are not properly researched and are exaggerated to get ratings. So, here are a few of the most common, and a few unusual ones. Please remember only about 12 species have been recorded as being able to bite us (most others have fangs too small to pierce human skin). Of these 12 only around 2 - 3 give a particularly nasty bite. Doesn't that just make you feel calmer already? That means only 1.8% of UK species are known to bite and only 0.4% of species have a bad bite! Most bites are misdiagnosed, but due to the fear spread by the media people quickly jump to conclusions. I hope this guide is useful and we will add to it as and when, and please if you need any ID's use the contact page to get in touch. Happy hunting!!