Skewbald Hebra

An Hebra is the offspring of a male Horse (stallion) and a female Zebra (mare), in this case a Domestic Horse (Equus ferus caballus) and a Plains Zebra (Equus quagga). The unusual patchy colouration is down to a colour form known as skewbald (white patchy coat on a colour other than black). The colouration is due to a dominant de-pigmentation gene (a white modifier called Tobiano) that has affected certain areas and left them white (similar to the effect in Pinto Horses).


The hebra depicted here is called Eclyse, her name is a combination of her parents Eclipse and Ulysses. Eclyse is special as she has two 'tiger patches' which show her zebra pattern through the otherwise white coat. Her mother met her father at a ranch in Italy where she spent a brief time away from her safari park. On her return to the safari park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, the keepers were shocked when Eclipse gave birth.


Skewbald Hebra

Other names for this type of hybrid include Zebrinny, Horbra and Paint Zebra. The colloquial term is Zebroid. All information and photos of Eclyse were kindly shared with us courtesy of the Safaripark Zoo Stukenbrock where she currently resides, with full permissions yo use these photographs.


Please note some article refer to Eclyse as being a Zorse (Zebra father, horse mother) which is false as confirmed with the Safaripark Zoo Stukenbrock.


Still not convinced this hybrid exists? I can't blame you it is rather unique, so here is a little more proof!