BUTTERFLY - Owl Butterfly

Imago (captive specimen)

Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon)

Wingspan: 11.5 - 15cm

Location: Mexico to South America

Habitat: Rainforest, forests

Diet: Rotting fruit

Caterpillar - Musa and Heliconia plants

Description: Brown-bronzed wings that shimmer a deep blue with dark veination. Underside mottled gold and brown with one large black eye spot with a yellow trim

Caterpillar - long and brown. Horned crown to head and spiky tail-end

Pupa - brown cello-shaped case with pronounced veins

Facts: The Owl Butterfly is very similar to Caligo telamoneus. The latter lacks the larger spots on the forewing tips (2 small instead of 3 large), and the hindwings are pale along the interior edges. Also the eyespot on the underwing is surrounded by a brown patch on the Owl Butterfly and again the forewing tip spots are different on the underwing.


Imago (captive specimen)

BUTTERFLY - Owl Butterfly

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