MOTH - Mullein Moth

Imago (wild specimen) - courtesy of Andy Phillips

Mullein Moth (Shargacucullia verbasci)

Other names: Cucullia verbasci

Size: 45 - 55mm

Location: Europe (including the UK except Scotland), Europe, North Africa

Habitat: Woodlands and their borders, open grasslands

Diet: Caterpiller - Mulleins, Buddleia, etc

Description: Scalloped pale brown and cream forewings. Inner and outer edges dark brown with orange / gold. The wings form a raised ridge where they meet over the back. Hindwings a pale grey with darker edges. Abdomen pale brown-grey with darker spots leading to large spot on the thorax. Head exhibits a forward-facing tuft of hair

Caterpillar - white / pale base coloured fat segmented body. Yellow cross stripes to each segment with black spots and blotches

Caterpillar (wild specimen) - courtesy of Alex Bawn

MOTH - Mullein Moth

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