(Stuffed specimen) - courtesy of Random Rupert

Lijagulep (Jaguar x Leopardess) x Lion

Other names: Congolese Spotted Lion

Length: Around 1.6m

Location: Captivity (Impossible in the wild)

Habitat: Captivity (Impossible in the wild)

Diet: Carnivorous

Description: Large body, also the same in size to a lioness but more slender. Brownish-tan base colour with brown 'jaguar' rosette markings that change to black lower down the body and legs. The rosettes change to spots near the head and neck. Black marks to the edge of the mouth and long slim tail. Underside and inner legs a yellow-white colour

Facts: The above image was labelled as a Jaglion in the Tring Museum. It is believed by many though that this specimen was the same one that was once introduced in London in 1908 as the 'Congolese Spotted Lion'. This hybrid started with a mating between a Jaguar and a Leopard. Their offspring would have been a Jagulep or a Lepjag. At sexual maturity the Lepjag / Jagulep was then mated with a Lion creating a 3 cross Panthera hybrid known as a Lijagulep and dubbed as the Congolese Spotted Lion. It was believed to have been bred in Chicago

The Lijagulep was given the title of 'Congolese Spotted Lion' as the original owners wanted to make their viewers believe they had discovered a brand new species of big cat.


'Congolese Spotted Lion' - Source: Mr F W Frohawk (1908)


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