Worm Slug
(Boettgerilla pallens)

The Worm Slug (Boettgerilla pallens) is a clear and pattern-less slug. Similar in appearance to the Ghost Slug(Selenochlamys ysbryda), it is one of only two species in the Boettgerilla genus, the other being Boettgerilla compressa.


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White-legged Snake Millipede
(Tachypodoiulus niger)

On a hot sunny day out with the family, I came across this lovely little myriapod, the White-legged Snake Millipede (Tachypodoiulus niger). In fact Bristol seems to be quite a good area for this species, as I found many of them in and around the city. Almost identical to Cylindroiulus londinensis,…

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Spotted Snake Millipede
(Blaniulus guttulatus)

Turn over a stone in your garden and you may be lucky enough to find the Spotted Snake Millipede (Blaniulus guttulatus). The specimens here were found in small groups, and in the presence of Budapest Slugs (Tandonia budapestensis). As far as I can find there are no known relationships between these…

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