ICHNEUMON WASP - Ichneumon stramentor

Female imago (wild specimen) - courtesy of Tristan Bawn

(Ichneumon stramentor)

Size: 13 - 18mm

Location: Europe, including the UK

Habitat: Gardens, meadows, woodland

Diet: Larva - parasitise the Large Yellow Underwing and Setaceous Hebrew Character caterpillars (possibly others)

Description: Female - Long tapered abdomen, first half yellow and rear half black, with yellow spot to tip (both on the top and the bottom). Legs have black femora, tibiae are half yellow blending into brown that exceeds to the tarsi. Black thorax (with yellow spot) and black head. Long dark antennae with broad white patch about half way along it's length. Wings have a brownish tinge

Male - all dark antennae, no yellow spot to the tip of the abdomen


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