CRICKET - Dark Bush-Cricket

Female imago (wild specimen)

Dark Bush-Cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera)

Size: 12 - 20mm

Location: All over the UK (except Scotland), all of Europe

Habitat: Usually around hedges and plants such as Brambles and Nettles

Diet: Plants and small invertebrates

Description: Female - Large dome shaped body with elongated hind legs, marbled brown colouration. Legs a little paler than rest of the body.Large eyes and long antennae with a blunt head. Long, recurved ovipositor

Male - similar to female but appears more solidly coloured (dark brown and gold), large saddle-like plate on the thorax. Lacks ovipositor but does have two cerci. Bright yellow underbelly

Nymph - like miniature versions of the adult, but with more black barring to the legs and a pale back and head with dark sides

Facts: Males have a small pair of wings, whereas the females are wingless

Females possess a 10mm ovipositor.

Male imago (wild specimen)

CRICKET - Dark Bush-Cricket

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