BUTTERFLY - Citrus Swallowtail

Imago (captive specimen) - courtesy of Damian Keith

Citrus Swallowtail (Papilio demodocus)

Other names: Christmas Butterfly

Wingspan: 90 - 110mm

Location: Most of Africa, parts of the Middle East and Madagascar

Habitat: Woodland, forests

Diet: Rotting fruit, nectar, faeces

Description: Black wings with neat pale spotting, smaller towards the body. Hindwings black with pale horizontal stripe that holds one blue and one red eye spot on each wing. Smaller pale spots towards the base of the hindwings and two red spots. Underside similar to upperside but a bit duller and with pale streaking

Male - slightly larger than the female

Caterpillar - first stage is dark brown with white markings and spiky protrusions. Later stages, green body with bulky humped shoulders. Black markings and striping, orange circular lines near the head. Two small horns on head and rear end

Pupa - light green and black with green markings. Changes to brown with yellow markings, humped with two triangular protrusions

Facts: When threatened the caterpillar shows it's orange osmetrium, which produces a foul smell.


Caterpillar (captive specimen)

BUTTERFLY - Citrus Swallowtail

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