Brown-necked Parrot

The Brown-necked Parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis fuscicollis) is the nominate subspecies of Poicephalus fuscicollis, also known as the Brown-necked Parrot. The other subspecies is the Grey-headed Parrot (Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus). There was once a third subspecies known as the Cape Parrot but this now has full species recognition, Poicephalus robustus.


Brown-necked Parrots preening


The Brown-necked Parrot inhabits most woodlands including mangroves and can be found found from West Africa from Gambia and southern Senegal to northern Ghana and Togo.



The Brown-necked Parrot averages 12.5 inches (32cm), and weighs around 300-400g. The photos here show a female and a male, the female being distinguished by the reddish mark on her crown. Both subspecies have a dark green plumage to the body and wings with a small amount of orange-red to the edges, but  the neck and head are grey-brown in this species and grey-silver in the Grey-headed Parrot. Like most parrots the bill is large and horn-coloured.


Brown-necked Parrots


Its diet consisting mainly of fruit, nuts and seeds. The Brown-necked Parrot usually has a clutch size of 2-4 eggs.



The Brown-necked Parrot is listed by the IUCN as Least Concern.